Starting your Journey through Compass

You have two options to choose from to learn about how to use the Compass software. The options are:

     1. Download the Parent Information Brochure and print yourself a hardcopy. Click here for a copy.

     2. Go to "Your Compass Journey" under the Compass tab in the Menu Bar on the College Website Homepage or click here

Both methods will take you through the different screens you will be using when you log onto Compass. However, the second option will take you to the actual webpage.  

During this session you will notice that not all the areas of Compass have been activated. I am sure you will understand that it will take some to for teachers to learn and to understand all the processes involved and what should or should not be entered on Compass. Once teachers are confident in using Compass, students will be invited to join and all the features of Compass will slowly begin to be activated for you, as parents, to view.


In the meantime, we are inviting parents begin the first trek of the Compass Journey, in what is basically the administrative aspect of Compass.

You will learn how to approve your child’s Absences/Lateness; give your Consent for your child to participate on excursions; make all necessary online payments; View Academic Reports and read any news items or alerts your child has been given, by simply accessing your child’s Profile Page.

You will be informed when other options, which deal more with the learning and teaching areas, will become activated.


As you are taken through this Compass journey, we will be using, for reasons of confidentiality, fictitious names and places, which you may be familiar with if you are a devotee of the Harry Potter novels or movies. 

In summary

After going through the instructions, either using hard copy of the Booklet or the online instructions, you will quickly realise that everything you need to access can be done directly from either the Compass Home Screen or the Student Profile Page. Don't be afraid to click through all the icons and links available on these pages. You will quickly realise how easy it is to navigate through Compass and find the information you need.


Privacy and Security



When you use Compass you will notice a padlock appears in your browser. This is because Compass uses a technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This means that your Compass session is encrypted and secure. Furthermore, Compass adheres to PCI DSS compliance obligations to ensure any credit card details are managed safely, consistent with industry credit card regulations.


Please note: Any payments made online using Compass will appear on your credit card statement as COMPASSPAY.COM


Compass Administration is committed to the privacy of your information. Full information on the Compass Privacy Policy can be found at:




Cross Platform Access



You can use any browser, any time.



Compass is completely web-based and works on all modern browsers. Additionally, we have native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.