Sports and Physical Education

Year 8 Girls Netball

Well done to the following students who played enthusiastically in all their matches on Friday 26 May at the Altona Sports StadiumKaleece Harrop Toa Toa, Valerie Ioane, Rhiannon Aholelei, Myah Snow, Finlay Dams, Tanaya Kirikiri, Jordan Anderson-McRoy, Angel Mann, Tiana Spyrou and Tori-May Dawson

The girls won games against Williamstown High,  Bayside, Altona and Laverton, making them the winners of Pool B. They then played against Williamstown High (A) for a chance to enter the Grand Final, but unfortunately they lost. The final game was against Williamstown High (C), which they won, leaving them finishing third overall out of all the participating schools. The girls all displayed fantastic team work and encouraged each other during all of their matches.

Hobsons Bay Division Secondary Cross Country

On Monday 22 May some of our enthusiastic Year 7-9 students participated in the 3.4km run around Cherry Lake in the Hobsons Bay Division Cross Country. Congratulations to those students who have progressed to run at the WMR Cross country which will be held on Thursday 22 June, 2017 at Brimbank Park (listed in BOLD):

Taleah Butler (16th 12/13 year girls, 19.11); Guylaine Ibizi (20th 12/13 year girls, 21.29); Tiarna Mackenzie (23rd 12/13 year girls, 22.19); Nikita Taylor (25th 12/13 year girls, 23.14); Sakura Deering (26th 12/13 year girls 23.39); Betty Belay 30th, 12/13 year girls, 24.39); Xy Craven (12th 12/13 year boys, 15.27; Jy Muir (14th 12/13 year boys 15.29); Joshua Starr (16th 12/13 year boys 15.45); Jamesw Mackrell (17th 12/13 year boys 15.50); Hamish Renkin (18th 12/13 year boys 16.01); Alex Hankin (19th 12/13 year boys 16.02); Liam Edney (22nd 12/13 year boys 16.23); Jake Stojanovski (22nd 12/13 year boys 18.13); Alex Kim (46th 12/13 year boys, 21.59); Ali Khan (48th 12/13 year boys 23.13); Fynlay Dams (7th 14 year girls, 20.05); Tiana Spyrou (12th 14 year girls 21.59); Aspara Natarajan (15th 14 year girls, 24.12); Joelle Atanga (16th 14 year girls, 24.28); Angel Mann (18th 14 year girls, 25.04); Cadel Ianna (4th 15 year boys, 15.00); Van Lal Lian Bualthang (11th 15 year boys, 16.11); James Robertson (12th 15 year boys, 16.12); Lal Sang Bualthang (13th 15 year boys, 16.14); Riley Ianna (17th 15 year boys, 16.53).


Year 3-6 Carranballac P-9 College Athletics Carnivals 

It was two days of fantastic fun for the Year 3-6 students at both Jamieson Way and Boardwalk, as they participated in their annual Carranballac College Athletics Carnivals (held on the 25 and 26 May at the Newport Athletics Track. The weather was very kind to us on both days, with a fair bit of sunshine and little wind! A very HUGE THANK YOU to all the staff, parents, Year 9 student helpers, Pre service teachers and work experience students who assisted with the organisation of all the athletics events. Without this community support, these carnivals would be difficult to implement so successfully! The student participation was outstanding and those successful students who have qualified for the College Athletics team will be notified in due course.

A special thank you to the following parent helpers:  Kelly Jackson, Laura Baker, Jo Evans, Karen Lane, Kelly Carter, Jennifer Ellis, and Penny Brown.


Boardwalk House Team final results:

Golden Wattle :  531

RAAF :               496

Sea Eagles :       472

Cheetham :        465


Jamieson Way House Team final results: 

Golden Wattle :  472

RAAF :               610

Sea Eagles :       475

Cheetham :        476


Year 9 Boys Soccer

On Tuesday 30 May, the Year 9 Carranballac College boys played in the Hobsons Bay Division Soccer competition which was held at Gray Reserve in Williamstown. All team members had been training exceptionally hard during their sport sessions at school and were looking forward to being part of this team. All the boys displayed excellent sportsmanship throughout the day.

After the Preliminary Rounds the overall team results were as follows:

POOL (A)                                                                     

1st : Williamstown Pascoe 9 points                          

2nd : Carranballac College 6 points                         

3rd : Alamanda College 3 points                             



1st : Bayside Williamstown 6 points

2nd : Point Cook Senior 3 points

3rd : Williamstown Bayview 3 points

After the Finals Rounds the overall team results were as follows:

1st Williamstown Pasco 15 points

2nd Bayside Williamstown 9 points

3rd Point Cook Senior 6 points

3rd Carranballac College 6 points

3rd Williamstown Bayview 6 points

6th Alamanda College 3 points

7th Altona College 0 points


Year 9 Sport Elective Conduit Martial Arts session:

The students in ‘My Body the Machine’ Sport elective have been developing their understanding of a variety of training programs to benefit not only their fitness but personal development. This term they will be undertaking some Hapkido Martial Arts sessions of self -defence. During these sessions students will practice focus and self discipline to strengthen their mind and body. They will develop awareness of their environment and learn to read body cues in order to avoid violence. We hope the students will gain a lot of benefit and enjoyment from learning some of the different techniques involved in Hapkido.


Year 9 Sport Elective Arrows Plus session:

The students in the Year 9 Sport elective, ‘Sports Event Facilitation’ have been developing their understanding of skill acquisition in sport and developing their knowledge of why for different groups are planned accordingly. The students visited Arrows Plus Archery Centre in Point Cook and learnt the basics for using the bow and arrows effectively. This session proved excellent for applying the skills learnt in everyday life; such as focus, concentration, patience, practice makes perfect and ‘we can all achieve if we set our minds to it’! Everyone really enjoyed the session, especially playing 101 Arrows Competition game at the end. A great improvement was demonstrated by everyone after only one session.

Year 7-9 Carranballac P-9 College Athletics
The students attending the Year 7-9 Athletics day showed some fantastic sportsmanship.  More details will come in the following fortnight regarding House Points.


Point Cook District Cross Country Carnival


Congratulations to all the students who participated in the 2km (9/10 year olds) or 3km (11 & 12 year olds) Cross Country course at the Point Cook District Primary Championships, which was held around the Salt water ovals near Sanctuary Lakes. Everyone tried their hardest and it was wonderful to hear lots of cheering each other to the finish line. Those who finished in the top ten now qualify to attend the Hobsons Bay Division Primary Cross Country which is scheduled for Wednesday 31st May at Presidents Park in Wyndham Vale.


The results were as follows:  (top 20 in each age group only timed)


9/10 Year Boys: Riley Parks (2nd, 8:39); Harry Weir (11th , 9:14); Keanon Theron (17th, 9:32); Mitchell Parks (20th, 9:33); James Stewart (25th), Riley Harris (26th); Jai Gill (29th); Joshua Lok (30th); Pat Phasee (32nd); Kai Crowe (33rd); Charlie Dams (34th); Brendan Walker (40th)


9/10 Year Girls: Hannah Mackenzie (2nd, 10:04); Isabella Hankin (7th, 10:41); Sophie Hankin (8th, 10:47); Tahlia Whear (11th, 11:07); Eliva Selimi (12th, 11:10); Mia Kennedy (18th, 12:12); Lucinda Tabart (29th)


11 Year Boys: Ben Howard (3rd, 12:26); Mason Prato (4th, 12:27); Ivan Matijas (5th, 12:29); Stefan Blanusa (9th, 13:20); Dean Vickery (20th, 15:22); Will Trease – Gordon (27th)


11 Year Girls: Dania Chehaita (10th, 16:39); Sofia Selimi (12th, 16:44); Zoe Evans (16th, 18:08); Leah Delimitros (17th); Alyssa Waller (20th); Eden Prins (22nd).


12/13 Year Boys: Katu Little (3rd, 12:12);Sam Micallef (12th, 13:11); Cameron Poskitt (14th, 13:19); Brodie Hinkson (16th, 13:47); Lucas Mok (29th), Mason Priess (31st); Brady Murnane (33rd)


12/13 Year Girls:  Broklyn Palu (1st, 13:49); Poppy Mcateer (3rd, 14:10); Lilly Murtagh (5th, 15:37)



Active Kids – Wyndham Lacrosse Club sessions


During term two the Year 3/4 students will be involved in the ‘Active Kids Program’, which is a healthy lifestyle and fitness program initiated by the Wyndham Council. This program focuses upon the students developing healthy eating habits and adopting active lifestyle habits. The students will be completing related nutrition and fitness activities in class weekly, including filling out a personal ‘passport’ and participating in a variety of sport clinics provided free by some sporting associations in our local area. There will be lots of incentives to encourage students along the way, including Rebel Sport Store Vouchers and free Aqua Pulse Swimming Visit vouchers.


This week the students enjoyed learning the skills of lacrosse with coaches provided by the Wyndham Lacrosse Club. Lots of fun was had by all!



Carranballac College Athletics Carnivals


During term 2 we have our three annual Carranballac College Athletics Carnivals scheduled:


  • Friday 19th May:                    Year 7-9 Athletics Carnival
  • Thursday 25th May:                Year 3-6 Jamieson Way Athletics Carnival
  • Friday 26trh May:                   Year 3-6 Boardwalk Athletics Carnival


The focus of these carnivals is to not only select our College Athletics teams (based upon the results), but for the students to have a fun filled time participating with their peers in a friendly competitive atmosphere. The students will not only be participating in their relevant age groups, but their school HOUSE teams, so we want to see lots of colour with them dressing up in their team colours. Coloured hairspray and face paint is permitted, however please ensure all applications are applied at home. Other good ideas include coloured hair ties, socks, nail polish etc.


As you can imagined, organising all the events successfully requires lots of management. If you are able to assist at any of the above carnivals as a parent helper (WWCC required), then please contact Carolyn Huell (PE/Sport Teacher at Boardwalk – 9395 3533) as we would certainly appreciate your help in any way!  




Year 8 Volleyball

On Friday 17th March the Year 8 Boys played their volleyball competition at Altona College and the girls played their matches at Eagle Stadium in Werribee. Congratulations to the Year 8 Jamieson Way boys team who won the overall competition and will now progress to the WMR Volleyball finals which will be held on Thursday 10th November, 2017—so a whole year to practice and improve their performance!


Jamieson Way team

Jamieson Way defeated  Altona (A) 15-12, 15-9

Jamieson Way defeated  Williamstown 15-5, 15-2

Jamieson Way defeated  Point Cook P-9- 15-12, 14-16, 15-9

Final: Jamieson Way defeated   Laverton- 15-9, 15-6


Boardwalk team


Boardwalk defeated Altona (B) 15-7, 15-11

Laverton defeated Boardwalk 15-9, 15-10

Williamstown A) defeated Boardwalk 13-15, 15-11, 16-14


Year 8 Boys Baseball

It was a great effort by all the students in the Carranballac P-9 College Year 8 baseball team who played on Friday 17th March at Newport Baseball centre. The boys have been practising all term during their sport sessions.

Raikwon Molleni-Russell, Leonardo Valladares , Gimsara Bakmiwewa,  Adem Abdalla, Jay Smith, Malachai Tumai, Bond Leuga, Luka Ristivojevik, Lewis Gellatly, Jaylon Huit, Shawn Hunter, Gurkarendeep Singh, Demetri Beall, Oren Mason


Thank you to Jamie Paten and Rachel Howard for coaching the team and ensuring they played their positions to the best of their ability.

Carranballac College 9 Williamstown High 0

Carranballac College 7 Alamanda College 7

Carranballac College 3 Bayside Secondary College 4


Year 8 Girls Volleyball

The Year 8 girls played their volleyball competition at Eagle stadium.

All the girls displayed great improvement in their skills as each match progressed. The team finished 1st in their pool division of competition and 5th overall out of all the competing schools.

Congratulations to all students on such a  fine effort.

Valerie Ioane, Jade Haenga-Stretch, Rhiannon Aholelei, Amisha Sinha, Abbey Muberson, Tabassum Salim



Year 7 Girls Volleyball

A great effort by all the year 7 girls who played in the Hobsons Bay Division volleyball competition held at Eagle stadium on Tuesday 21st March:

Joelle Atanga, Nyanman Chol, Yasmin Harrop Toa Toa, Kymorah Mascoe-Manuel – Nathan, Tessa Menjivar, Isabella Monje- Gonzalez, Liai Sinatarah Nuusavili, Leilani Pio, Mina Saadat .

The girls won 3/3 matches in their Pool A division of the competition, however lost in the semi finals ending up 3rd overall out of all the participating schools. An excellent effort by all!


Year 7 Boys Volleyball

The following year 7 boys really enjoyed their volleyball competition hosted by Altona College. All the games were really close, with the team ending up winning two matches and losing 3 overall. Mr Celic was really impressed by the boys great sportsmanship: Tolga Alp, James Bloch, James Mackrell, Jeremiah Matthes, Danilo Racocevic, Brendan Truong and Aidan Yashar


Year 5/6 Interschool Sport : Boardwalk v Alamanda

All the Year 5/6 Boardwalk students who participated against Alamanda P-9 College on Friday the 17th March at their ‘away games experienced lots of fun and enjoyment. Thank you to the following Year 9 student leaders who assisted with coaching the teams:

Omar Baarini, Joshua Jones, Mickey Samson and Jermaine Cernina

Boys basketball won 24-8 Girls basketball lost 2-70

Rounders won 14 -7  Softball lost 8-10

Cricket drew (not sure of the score)



Sporting Schools Program at Carranballac College during Term 1

During term 1, 2017 the After School Hours students at both College campuses have benefited from having eight weekly Hockey Victoria clinics to help develop their knowledge and skills of the game.

The experienced coaches and clinics have been funded through the Sporting Schools Program which is a Australian Government funded initiative through the Australian Sport Commission . Their aim is to promote physical activity and foster a life long interest in sport. The hockey clinics have provided an enjoyable experience for all the students who attended.

Year 9 Sport Elective: ‘Sport Event Facilitation’

On Thursday 16th and Friday 17th March, the students in the Year 9 Sport elective groups, “Sports Event Facilitation” went to Oz Ten Pin Bowling in Point Cook.  The objective of these groups throughout the term has been to develop their skills in organising various sporting events and mini competitions within the school environment. They have been responsible for implementing various ‘round robin’ competitions for some junior classes.

Well done to the following participants who scored the following totals after two rounds:

1st Cody Evans (172), 2nd Robert Bituim & Cadel Lanna (159), 3rd TJ Niko (158), 4th Codan Climo (144), 5th Kandah Barrie (141), 6th Luca Jackson (133), 7th Rahman Sohail (126), 8th Olivia Margeta (104), 9th Jack Butler (102), 10th Ayman Alla Eddine (100), 11th Kyle Douglass (93), 12th Evan Koratzopoulos (82), 13th Amalia Holt (77), 14th Mohammed Khawar (63



Hobsons Bay Division Secondary Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday 8th March the Hobsons Bay Division Swimming Carnival was held at Queens Park Swimming pool in Moonee Ponds. It was a lovely warm sunny day with perfect conditions for swimming.


Congratulations to the following students who attained some excellent results.  

Ethan Nightingale, Alex Haikin (50 breast 1:01.49, 4th 50 back 54:84)

Max Harris (1st 50 back 41.65, 2nd 50 Breast 44.24, 3rd 50 free 35:37)

Isobel Vella (5th 50 breast 1:39.43)

Joshua Tabone (4th 50 free 37:14)

Vishay Ramchander (1st 50 back 39.99, 3rd 50 free 32.31)

Teoni Milner (8th 50 breast 1:00.52, 7th 50 free 43.99)

Myah Snow (7th 50 Breast 58.81, 5th 50 back 54.49)

James Robertson, Micah Cowan, Sebastian Ririnuni (1st 50 breast 43.93), (4th 50 free 32:52) Mickey Samson  and Bailey Towers.


The Junior boys (Year 7 & 8) came runners up overall in their section of the competition again the other HB Division schools. Congratulations to Max, Vishay and Sebastian who won their events and now qualify to attend the WMR Secondary Swimming Carnival which will be held on Thursday 30th March at Kardina Pool in Geelong.


Year 5/6 Point Cook District Interschool Sport

This term the Point Cook schools are trialling the weekly sport type of competition for our ‘Summer Sport Interschool’ matches. The Sport district has been divided into two ‘Pools of competition’ based upon individual schools timetabling requests. At the completion of the preliminary rounds, a grand final round will be held to determine the overall District winner for each individual sport.

Round (1):  Boardwalk V Jamieson Way


T 20 Blast Cricket

(10.0 overs) Note: second score actual after subtracting runs for ‘outs’.

Boardwalk  6/68 (38) & Jamieson Way   5/85 (60)



Boardwalk 20: Jamieson Way 2



Jamieson Way won



Boardwalk Boys : 1 V Jamieson Way Boys : 6

Boardwalk Girls V Jamieson Way Girls (Awaiting Score)


VU Fitness Centre gym session

On Thursday 9th March the students in the Year 9 sport elective group “My Body the Machine” visited the Victoria University Fitness Centre in Werribee as part of their learning about the elements of fitness and creating personalised fitness programs. Students have been developing their knowledge about various suitable exercises required to develop different muscle groups in the body.


Group instruction regarding correct exercise technique and individual assistance in executing the movements properly using the dumb bells and weight machines.


Students work in pairs to assist each other and act as ‘spotters’ for safety during each exercise.





Carranballac P-9 College Swimming trials 

It was wonderful to have so many Carranballac P-9 College students participate in our annual swimming trials which we conducted at the Werribee Outdoor Pool ion Wednesday 15 February in perfect weather conditions. Overall we had 79 interested students trial for a position on either the junior (primary) or senior (secondary) College team. It was wonderful to see lots of students who really enjoy their swimming! 

Thank you to the following Carranballac P-9 College parents who assisted with timekeeping at the Carranballac College swimming trials. We really appreciate your help Ron Denton, Kelly Carter, Sasha Delimitros and Megan Dignan.


Point Cook District Swimming Carnival  

Congratulations to all the students who participated at the Point Cook District Swimming Carnival which was held at the Werribee Outdoor Pool on Tuesday 21 February. Congratulations to all participating students who attended. The Carranballac P-9 College Year 3-6 team performed really well, finishing up 2nd overall out of all the Point Cook Sport District Primary Schools ie: Stella Maris, Point Cook College, Lumen Christi, Alamanda and St Mary’s of the Cross.

The following Year 3-6 students from Carranballac P-9 College have qualified to attend the Hobsons Bay Division Primary Swimming Carnival on Wednesday 16 March, again being held at the Werribee Outdoor Pool: 

Kristian Oberg,  Brodie Hinkson, Sarah Nguyen, Riley Harris, Ivan Matijas, Norah Cheung, Lucinda Tabart, Charlotte Anderson, Jake Hinkson, Jasmine Bailey, Poppy Barth, Charlize Pollard, Ryan Choo, Matt Chamberlain, Zach Tabone, Lilly Murtagh,Leah Delimitros and  Isabel Loke 

Well done to our two Year 9 student leaders Teoni Milner and Omar Baarini who assisted with fulfilling the  officiating roles of timekeeping and recording results.


Hobsons Bay Division Secondary Swimming Carnival 

Congratulations also to the following Year 7-9 students from Carranballac P-9 College who have qualified to compete in the Hobsons Bay Division Secondary Swimming Competition which is scheduled for next Wednesday 8 March at Queens Park Swimming Pool in Moonee Ponds: 

Ethan Nightingale, Jonathon Moustaklis, Alex Haikin, Max Harris, Elizabeth Green, Isobel Vella, Joshua Tabone, Vishay Ramchander, Nabil Ghates, Amjal Samuels, Teoni Milner, Myah Snow, James Robertson, Micah Cowan, Sebastian Ririnuni, Mickey Samson, Bailey Towers

Year 9 Volleyball 

The Year 9 summer sport competitions are being held this Wednesday 1 March. The boys competition will be held at Altona College (Civic Parade, Altona) and the Girls Competition will be held at Bayside College – Paisley Campus (Newport). We have entered two boys and two girls volleyball teams  which have been practising hard during their sport sessions at school. Good luck to all students involved.






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