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Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. $125 per year is paid for eligible primary school students, with $225 per year paid for eligible secondary school students. Click HERE for more information

Year 5/6 Camp
Year 7 Camp
Year 8 Camp

Year 9 Camp



Year 5/6 Jamieson Way – Canberra Camp – 27th February to 3rd March


As part of the inquiry topic “Australia as a Nation” ninety-nine of our 5/6 students at Jamieson Way travelled to Canberra in week 5.  Students were bussed to Canberra by coach on the Monday, visited attractions around Canberra from Tuesday to Thursday and then returned to Carranballac College by coach on the Friday.

Along with other sites, students visited the National Museum, the High Court, Parliament House, the War Memorial, the National Capital Exhibition, Government House, the Royal Mint and the Old Parliament House Museum of Democracy. 

To assist families in meeting the cost of the camp the Australian Government contributes funding of $30 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion and helps us keep the cost of the camp down so that more people can attend. We are lucky that the government helps with this important trip.

In the “Australia as a Nation” inquiry unit students cover key events in Australian government, the Parliament and the three levels of government.  They also explore the concept of democracy and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.  There isn’t a much better way to study this material than actually go to Canberra and visit these sites!

The students had a great time as you can see from the paragraphs below that some of our 5/6s have written.  They learned a great deal about our system of government.  As one parent said, “On the weekend she was so proud to be able to tell us all about how the House of Representatives works and how it is different to the Senate.”  They also develop personally through the experience.  Another parent said, “He’s grown up so much just in that one week.”

- Henric Beiers

Student Leadership Development


On Monday (27th February) the Year 5/6s got on the bus and were off to Canberra. The thing I liked the most was the War Memorial. I found it interesting and fun learning about the people who went and gave us the freedom we have today. My second favourite thing was Questacon because it was cool playing around with the science stuff and everything else. My favourite thing at Questacon was the vertical drop it was very fun. Finally, I liked Parliament House because it was interesting going and learning where laws are made.  – Hamish S - 5/6T


I faced my fears and went on the slide at Questacon. It was great meeting Peter Cosgrove the Governor General and seeing his house. It was fun building LEGO at the National capital exhibition. The dinner and dessert were great at the motel. I learnt lots at Parliament and Old Parliament house. – Alex T - 5/6V


I liked the part when we got to go see the wall of names in the War Memorial and the art. I also liked the part when we got to go see all of the memorials around the War Memorial. The art museum because it had a bunch of really good art. I liked when we went to the parliament house because we got to see the House of Reps and the Senate. I liked High Court of Australia because we got to see all the rooms and what they did. - Renney P - 5/6T


The most fun thing for me was going to Old Parliament House. I liked it because we got to see where all the people used to work. I liked that we got to sit in the original Senate seats. Before we finished I got to play the first Indigenous Senator and read part of his speech. I was nervous at first but now I am glad I had that experience! – Bailey R - 5/6R


Last week the Year 5/6s went to Canberra for camp. The bus ride took about 8 hours to get there. During our time in Canberra, we went to Parliament House, Old Parliament House, The Governor General’s House, The War Memorial, The Mint, The Australian High Court, The National Art Gallery and Questacon. If I had to pick my three favourite places that we went to, it would be Old Parliament House, The War Memorial and Questacon. When we went to Old Parliament House we got to sit in the Senate. I was chosen to be the first lady senator. They gave me a fluffy coat and a black hat to wear because that is what she wore. I also had to give a speech. I really enjoyed camp! - Tahana A - 5/6Q



Year 7 Jamieson Way & Boardwalk – Echuca – 15th March to 17th March


Year 7 students can attend a three-day leadership camp at Billabong Ranch, Echuca.  Students will participate in Horse Riding, Archery, Roping, a Commando course, an Aboriginal culture and dance workshop.  Activities focus on self-development, team building, resilience and communication whilst providing them with new experiences.  The camp’s objectives are aligned with the Victorian Curriculum and their classroom learning.


Year 8 Jamieson Way & Boardwalk – Ovens – 21st March to 24th March


There will be range of on-site activities provided to students to encourage leadership, cooperation and overcoming challenges such as the dual flying fox and vertical challenge.  There will also be a walk that takes students along the rail trail, through a section of bush land and across the hops fields.  Students will camp beside the Ovens River overnight. While in camp students rotate through a program of the following activities: Lateral thinking activities, Dual flying fox, Cycling, Vertical Challenge and Aerial Obstacle Course. 
Students will also undertake a one-night hike, carrying packs and sleeping in tents. They will walk for approximately two – three hours to arrive at the camping spot and again in the morning to return to camp. They will eat dinner and breakfast at the camp site. 


Year 9 Camp

Carranballac's Year 9 students will be heading off to Cave Hill Creek for their leadership camp this year.  The currently planned program of activities includes hiking, cooking, abseiling and camping overnight in tents.  Students will walk with their hiking groups for the duration of the camp and experience an incredible three nights away in a character building, team bonding experience.

Encompassing the peaks of the Mount Cole Range, this highly regarded walking trail features a wide range of environs, including alpine gums, towering messmates, ferns, and the rare and endemic Grevillea montis-cole shrubbery. Walkers are rewarded with commanding vistas of the surrounding basalt plains and Grampians Ranges, with an attractive peaceful campsites waiting at the end of the day.  Cave Hill Creek facilitators' local knowledge of the Mount Cole Range ensures a safe and enriching learning experience for all levels of participant.

More information on the Beeripmo Walk




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