Director's Response to Evacuation SMS Thursday 8th March

Dear parents and members of our community.

My sincere apologies for the error in the SMS notification that was distributed on Thursday 8th March, with the key word ‘DRILL” missing from the body of the text.

I appreciate that this may have caused families some anxiety. We have tracked back over our sending system and have put a patch in place to prevent a further reoccurrence of this error.

We did learn something out of this experience, in that if there is an evacuation OR lock down made known to our families we would ask that you please wait until you are advised by SMS as to what the next step should be. By example: If there were a lock down and we required parental attendance to collect students we would send out an SMS to that effect with instructions on how and when to collect your children.

Once again, my apologies.

Have a lovely long weekend with your families.

Brendan O'Brien

College Director



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