Early Years Concert and DVD

We are very happy to be able to provide families with a video recording of the Early Years Concerts, with orders being made online.  These videos are a wonderful opportunity to witness the growth and confidence of your children as they progress from Foundation through to Year 4. 

We have engaged a professional videographer from an experienced company to film the events, with orders open NOW for those families who would like to receive their DVD before the end of the year.

Families with multiple performances may purchase DVD's containing more than one concert.

Order your Early Years Concert DVD here and select Carranballac P-9 College under the Schools section.

We wish to remind College families, that personal photographs and videos of these events are not allowed.  We uphold the online safety and privacy of our students, and the decisions by families to allow only authorised photographs and video of their children.

Holiday season is almost upon us and that means it is concert time for our early years students.  This will be a chance for parents to help celebrate the end of the year, as well as giving our students a chance to perform in front of an audience.  Please note when your child’s concert will be. Don’t forget to pre-order your official DVD.





Concert 1 6pm


Monday 4 December

FB FQ 34S 3/4M

Concert 2 7pm


Monday 4 December

1A 1Q 2A 2R 3/4C 3/4R

Concert 3 6pm


Monday 11 December

FA FR FP 3/4J 3/4V

Concert 4 7pm


Monday 11 December

1B 1R 2B 2Q 3/4B 34P

Concert 5 6pm


Tuesday 12 December

FC FS 1S 3/4Q 34A

Concert 6 7pm


Tuesday 12 December

1C 1P 2P 3/4L 34T


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