Campus Principals' Report

Our community needs to be aware of how proud we are as a college of our students for the respect they demonstrated last Friday, when we commemorated Remembrance Day. At 11:00am at both campuses, an announcement was made to ask students to stand still. All staff went out into the yard, and our students stopped playing and stood perfectly still for a minute. There was not a sound, not a movement - over 1400 students across the college, showing respect.  This strong sense of respect and understanding is very powerful, and begins at home with family values. As a college, we can indeed be proud.

A huge ‘thank you’ to our local area (Wynbay) Victoria Police, who supported some of our families by inviting students to attend their annual Blue Light camp held recently at Anglesea. Emergency Services personnel run an amazing outdoor adventure camp over a weekend and provide fantastic experiences for our children. Our college is fortunate to have this long standing community partnership as it helps develop young leaders in the community.

Community connections are important for our college and our families. Koorie families can contact our regional Koorie Engagement Support Officers at any time. Please call our office for contact details.

Our year 9 electives programs are venturing out for various excursions to enhance their learning experiences. Our Photography elective students visited the city to photograph the urban environment to add to their portfolios. Starting at Hamer Hall and the Arts Centre precinct in the city, students in this elective explored their understandings of the elements of art and creating compositions. Our Master Chef Food Tech elective students are visiting William Angliss College in the city, where higher learning for the Hospitality sector is taught. Our Sports elective will add basketball and hapkido (martial arts) to their experiences over the coming weeks. Thank you to our dedicated staff who organise such engaging learning experiences for our students.

Well done to our sensational Foundation swimmers. Jamieson Way have finished their program and currently the Boardwalk Foundation students are developing their safety skills and swimming techniques. Responsibility and independence are strengthened during this program.

There are so many events planned in the near future – the amazing Year 2 sleep over; our Year 3/4 will be studying local geography and Aboriginal culture at CERES; Year 5/6 will be kayaking down the Anglesea River. So many exciting learning situations, strategically planned to support our students as they progress through the Victorian Curriculum.

We continue to have high expectations regarding attendance at the College.  Your child is late if they are not at class by 8:45am.  Continual lateness impacts on all students in the class, not just your child’s learning.  Some occasions are unavoidable and we would encourage all parents to contact the office to let us know in advance.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding as to how important it is for us to reduce lateness and absenteeism. 




Ros Myors                             Sandy Naughton

Boardwalk Campus Principal   Jamieson Way Campus Principal

Carranballac College Principal

  Carranballac College Principal


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