Parents & Friends Cookbook

We chose this project because it can involve all our children and their families, we will produce a very special cookbook full of your most loved family favourites (from quick & easy weeknight dinners to special birthday desserts), and because it will make a truly beautiful and personalised gift for your family and friends.

It is SO simple to submit your recipes!
1. Go to the website and submit your recipes using their really quick and easy online template.
a. We encourage you to submit more than one recipe. Make sure to include why the recipe maybe special to your family and any hints which may be needed to achieve the perfect result.
b. When entering your recipe, choose the continent/region which matches where your recipe comes from e.g. Africa, Europe, etc.
c. Don’t have access to the internet? Just give us your recipe & we’ll find a volunteer to enter it for you.
2. If you have a high quality photo of your completed recipe, or one of your family either cooking or eating it please feel free to send it as a jpeg file to 

More instructions can be found here



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