An Award Winning Poem - The Pebble

We would like to congratulate Allison of Year 5 at Jamieson Way, the National winner of the Poetry section of the Write4Fun competition. Allison’s poem called ‘The Pebble’ was selected from over ten thousand entries. Allison won $500 for herself, $500 for Our College and an iPad. She was presented with a plaque featuring her poem, and inscribed pen at assembly on Monday morning. The money Allison won for the school will be used to buy books for the library. Allison will help choose the books. 


The Pebble, by Allison Le

A dull, disfigured pebble lies on the ground,
Small, insignificant and trivial in the rubble.
She peeps out at 
A boulder vaunting to its fawning acolytes,
Albeit to misdirect and conceal its rotten core.
Cowering in fear by herself,
The pebble watches as they play rocky games without her.
How could others in the gravel stay stone-still?
She doubts that her brethren’s flinty hearts beat at all
As they jeer and point at her.
They all forget that she is still a rock,
Crafted by aeons of hardship,
Full of persistence, character.
They are all rocks, 
No matter their idiosyncrasies,
And all should be treated like one.


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