Carranballac represents at Wynspeak

On Tuesday the 9th of May, four Year Nine students represented the college in the Wynspeak Public Speaking Competition. This competition aims to enable students to develop their skills in English, public speaking and speech preparation. The competition consists of two separate sections, a prepared five minute speech on a topic of the speaker’s choice and a short notice speech of two minutes’ duration on a topic provided to the speaker on the night.

The Year Nine students, Joshua from Boardwalk, Ashlie, Holly and Xander from Jamieson Way all did a fantastic job competing amongst a very high quality field, presenting their speeches and show casing their public speaking skills by engaging and entertaining the audience. The students spoke about diverse a range of topics: Ashlie reminded us to cherish our childhood, Xander gave us an amusing insight into being a triplet, Holly made the audience carefully consider the impact of bullying, while Joshua posed one of life’s great questions, crunchie cookies or soft chewy ones.

The most challenging part of the evening was the impromptu section. Students only had four minutes to prepare a responses to their selected topic. All four students all did a great job.

John Westwood

Year 9 Class Teacher




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