Music Matters

Things are hotting up in the music department, with a number of events coming up.

The Year 5/6 choir began rehearsals at Boardwalk this week (Tuesday) and the Jamieson Way choir will start next week (March 13).

On Friday March 16 Jamieson Way students from Years F - 2, 5 & 6 will enjoy a performance by Ghana Beat Your Drum. Ghana Beat Your Drum incorporates audience participation, singing, dancing and drumming to leave audiences feeling exhilarated and inspired as well as enlightened in the ways and culture of Africa and more particularly Ghana.

Boardwalk students in Years F - 2, 5 & 6 will enjoy the performance on Thursday March 22nd. Students learn about many traditional African instruments that are made from easily found natural resources.
Shekere “pronounced She-Ka-Re” is the name of the African percussion instrument made from the dried fruit of the gourd vine and loosely covered with a wide decorative band of beads. The sound is produced by holding the outer cover of beads in one hand and twisting the gourd across them or simply shaking the entire instrument.

Wednesday March 21 – Rock Band Information night at the PAC.
Saturday March 24 – Ms Colston-Ing’s band plays at the Altona Green PS Fete, on stage between 2:30 and 3pm.
Friday April 20 and 27 – The school rock bands will combine for two days of song writing under the direction of local artist Luke Yeoward. We hope that some of these creations might make their way to the annual school CD!
Saturday April 28 – The P&F Country Fair will showcase performances from the College Rock Bands, Mr Grima’s Year 9 elective bands, the Carranballac Choir, along with VET music students in Years 10 to 12.

So much music ahead!


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