College Director's Report

Dear Parents and Carranballac College Community,

Congratulations to all on such a smooth start to 2018. A very special welcome to all new families including our Foundation 2018 students. A warm welcome also to all new students starting at various year levels across the College.

It has been an exciting yet hectic start with the long awaited restructuring of the College into a Primary and Secondary model. We have strategically employed and placed staff in order to deliver the curriculum in this model whilst at the same time ensuring we maintain the strong pedagogical focus of Early Years and Middle Years.


Positive parental support is integral to having successful schooling. I would expect that parents take every opportunity to positively interact with our staff in order to better their children’s learning. The first formal opportunity will be at the scheduled Parent, Teacher, Student information sharing meetings next week (previously known as a Student Learning Conferences). We have changed the purpose and format of our parent, teacher, and student meetings this year in order to strengthen our partnership with families. Next week we encourage you to attend; with your child, so there can be a three way sharing session. Staff will gain valuable information from which they can develop your child’s semester one Individual Learning Plan.


For some time parents have been seeking to know more about the curriculum (what we teach) and the pedagogy (how we teach) of the College. I am pleased to inform our community that we will be conducting a full College Information session in week 5 of this term. All staff will be available to share with families their classroom curriculum. More details will follow in the next newsletter and on the web page.


Our College has homework expectations that have been sequentially designed and planned to support student learning. We will make available on the web; next week, a tabulated matrix of these expectations across all year levels. By providing families with this guide, we anticipate that our students will have improved learning opportunities and that parents will be able to connect more with their children’s learning.


I would like to apologise to all new families for the delayed access you have experienced in connecting to Compass. We have had some technical difficulties at the Compass end causing complications and delays for our staff when attempting to roll out this information. Families will be issued with the necessary details in the coming week and I would like to remind you that being linked in this way is imperative to our collective success in working together for your children.


Over the course of 2017 we introduced a number of student initiated changes to the College uniform, some of which are the result of the restructure into a Primary and Secondary framework. Our Student Representative Council has provided valuable feedback and input into a range of matters of which uniform has been one.

A number of aspects to the uniform are in transition. In 2019, Year 6 students will be provided with a tie to wear through their Secondary years. Year 5 students will have a choice of collar and tie or polo in 2019.

From the start of 2019 green polo shirts will be the standard uniform for Foundation to Year 6. Blue collared shirt and tie will be the standard uniform for Years 7 to 9. Blazers are now optional and can be worn by Year 7 to Year 9 students up until the start of 2019. The replacement top is the soft shell jacket which will be made available to all year levels as soon as they are in stock.

Effective immediately is the expectation that white socks are worn all year round, this was the students choice. College headware includes beanies for winter, and sun-smart Carranballac bucket hats during the SunSmart recommended periods of term one and four.

Black leather upper shoes must be worn in the secondary year levels dues to OH&S requirements in certain subjects. These may have a sports sole. Foundation to Year 6 are able to wear sports shoes, however it is preferable that they be black in colour.

I am looking forward to a solid year of all round improvements especially in our academic pursuits.

Brendan O'Brien

College Director




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