Carranballac Breakfast Club

The Carranballac College Breakfast Club runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8am until 8.30 am at both Boardwalk and Jamieson Way Campuses. It is a free service and all students are welcome. 

If you are at school early and would like to drop in for some toast, cereal or milo, please come in and say hello. We’d love to see you there!

Carranballac P-9 College encourages students to participate in leadership opportunities. In 2016 a group of Year 9 students decided to present the idea of starting a Breakfast Club to the Director of the College, Mr Brendan O’Brien. The students believed this club would encourage students to attend school on time as well as fulfil the needs of students who may not have had the chance to have breakfast. With Mr O’Brien’s support, a committee was formed and a plan was put in place.

Three senior students who initiated the conversation to begin a Breakfast Club were 2016 Graduates, Deniz, Ben and Samson (Group Leaders) along with teachers Jenny Costello, Barry Barnes, Bob Fairclough (Wyndham councillor), Monica Raizada and Mr Jasvinder Singh (Let’s Feed Organisation) meet regularly to discuss, plan and implement this new program.  We are thrilled at the support from 2017 staff and students who continue to do an incredible amount of work to continue to ensure this program is thoroughly supported.

Many studies have shown that eating breakfast can improve memory and concentration levels and it can also make us happier as well as improve one’s mood and lower stress levels.

Breakfast is an important meal of the day as it gives our students the best opportunity to start their day and be ready to learn.

The Breakfast Club presents students with opportunities to develop other skills such as a Food Handling Certificate delivered by our Food Technology teacher, Mr Barnes. Our Group Leaders are also learning about keeping records, writing shopping lists based on weekly evaluations of produce used and calculating what needs to be ordered for future use.

The club is also a social event as it brings students of all ages together to talk and share in a fun experience. We have been very fortunate to receive a Freezer donated by The Good Guys to support our program.

Without the help and support of our local community, programs like this would be difficult to start and to sustain. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of toasters from Mrs Lauris Doyle and Mr Bob Fairclough and now the very important contribution of a freezer from The Good Guys, Hoppers Crossing to store our bread and other products.


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